#VelocityConf: Anecdotes 1

This year, I'm going to share some amusing (or scary...or both) anecdotes from the conference. In some ways, I think these are almost more important than some of the substantive information, because there's always that thing about learning from history.

In the talk on performance regression, Marcel mentioned that someone had turned off the combiner for Yahoo! Profiles. None of the continuous deployment tests detected this because there were no performance tests. Of course, the RUM monitoring found this in production, but this is the sort of thing that should never happen. Has something like this happened to you?

#VelocityConf: Avoiding Web Performance Regression

This tutorial started off pretty slow. Generally, the theme was how to combine a lot of popular tools (YSlow, PhanomJS, WebPageTest, Node) together to get some sort of performance and WPO tests in your continuous integration system.

The reasons for having continuous integration are pretty well known at this point. You never want to see the same issue again, and gating deployments on latency (especially experienced latency) is good. Well, it's usually good. Sometimes, you just need to get slower. It's like the philosophy of test-driven development. At some point, your tests aren't good enough or don't take your business cases into account.

The one cool thing I hadn't seen before is cuzillion. You can basically create mock "bad" pages. That's a really useful thing to have to test performance testing tools.

#VelocityConf 2013 Introduction

Another year, another Velocity is starting. Tutorial day is about to start, and I'm pretty excited. Of course, some of my excitement stems from the fact that my first tutorial was abbreviated in my calendar to "Avoiding Performance", which seems like a perfectly sensible title. Nobody wants that performance stuff.

Anyhow, my actual tutorials for the day are "Avoiding Performance Regression at Twitter", "Bits on the Wire", "Speeding Up Your Mobile HTML5 Experience", and "Hands-on Web Performance Optimization Workshop".

Stellar Impact

For almost 5 months, I've been playing a game called Stellar Impact. It's a fun space-based MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). The only problem is that there aren't enough people playing it. There's a bit of a learning curve on it, but it can be a lot of fun, especially with Teamspeak. It doesn't cost a lot, and you can enjoy it without all the DLC ships. If space-based strategy and teamwork games sound like fun, give this one a try.

#VelocityConf: JS performance talks to end the conference

The last couple notable talks I attended were both around JavaScript performance and both included Nicholas Zakas. The information in the slides is awesome, so I suggest you just browse through them. There is far too much to cover right here, but I will say that setImmediate looks awesome.

JavaScript Timers, Power Consumption, and Performance

JavaScript Performance MythBusters™ (via JSPerf)

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